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“My name is Anafha.  I am from Pakstian.  I am elevn years old and I live in Indonesia.  I have two brothers, one sister and my Mum.”


This is how Anafha begins to tell us her story.  Anafha is not her real name, as she has asked us to protect her identity. From the age of five she has been writing down her thoughts; memories of her experiences, the journey as her family fled across Asia and the difficulties arising from her gender and social-cultural conditions.


In her stories she explains how she felt forced to flee with her family because of the war in Northern Pakistan.


“It isn’t safe for us to live in Pakistan now.  In Quetta, one of Pakistan’s cities, the Taliban have been killing our people.  They often plant bombs, especially in public, in places like the market, in the Masjed where we pray, in schools, in the Universities and sometimes in the streets. Nowhere was safe for us, so we decided to come here. It was the only thing we could do.”


Now she is fourteen and lives as a refugee with her family in Indonesia.  From there, thanks to the internet and her strong sense of liberty, she decided to tell us her story and to embark on this collaborative project with us. It is a project of artistic creation which strives to go beyond a work of theatre, and dismantle the frontiers imposed by society and tradition. We do not aim to tell the story of a person displaced due to the pointlessness of war, but rather build a bridge together, which might be able to open doors in all kinds of directions.


“In reality, to be a new writer, especially in my situation, make me feel anxious, even though I know that sharing my story could open a door for me and for others like me.  We writers, we have many doubts about our present and about our future.  It is difficult to be a writer, but we are not alone. All the writers in the world have felt afraid when their words were published for the first time.  For this reason all the creative people should support eachother.”


We have become a bridge today, with this communication between you and Anafha’s story. We are the “Teatro de los Invisibles” theatre company. We are a collective dedicated to the creation of documentary theatre pieces which give visibility to other overlooked and vulnerable collectives.  We offer them a space, through artistic media, where their voices can be heard and appreciated.


You can find more information about us and our projects through the following links:

Facebook: Teatro de los Invisibles

Instagram: @teatrodelosinvisibles

Tweeter: @t_invisibles


We were able to connect with Anafha thanks to the important work being done by Fabricants de Futur.  Fabricants de Futur is a non-profit multi-media platform, based in Figueres, Spain, which connects citizens, activists, artists and creative people from all over the world.

You will find more information about them here.


Fabricants de Futur published Anafha’s first letters in their book “A New Social Contract: No Flag No Frontier”. You can read it here:

Despite the fact that this collaborative project between Anafha, Teatro de los Invisibles and Fabricants de Futur is in its initial stages, it has already had an extremely positive impact on the life of Anafha and her family.  Thanks to this project, she, her sister and her brothers have been able to attend a top quality school which gave assisted places to these young refugees.

Moreover, on a personal level, Anafha is realising the strength of her own voice and of her efforts.

“I always try to stay motivated.  I have a great opportunity to share my story with, perhaps, the whole world.  I need to do this for others.  They need to learn how to face their problems, because truthfully, there are always problems in life.”

“Sometimes I feel that my only hopes are you and our project and the words of my Auntie.  They are like an energy which helps me during times of desperation and depression.”

We are open to all those who would like to collaborate with us.  Money will be used to: obtain the minimum resources necessary in order to complete the theatre piece as soon as possible, such as:


  • Rehearsal studio time
  • Wardrobe
  • Transport
  • Technical resources

Rewards: Although we are aware that the highest reward is that this project be realised, and that we might let Anafha speak, we would like to offer those who collaborate the possibility to become more involved in the project. You could attend rehearsals, workshops and performances, and really become part of the project’s creative process

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